Pepto bismol for dogs with Upset Stomach – Is it a Safe Option

Pepto bismol for dogsPepto Bismol for dogs with stomach problems has been discussed and deliberated a lot by the pet owners with their friends and family members raising a pet dog. Some pet owners are still confused whether to give Pepto Bismol medication to their pet down with stomach infection.

The real truth
Pepto Bismol is absolutely safe for dogs down with stomach bugs, provided they are given in correct quantities. Each and every dog differs in their body composition and weight. According to the body weight, the affected dog should be administered the right quantity of Pepto Bismol. There are certain recommended dosage levels that must be followed religiously.

Recommended dosage levels while administering Pepto Bismol for dogs
While giving this medication, pet owners have to ensure that the dosage is according to the prescribed 1 teaspoon for 20 pounds of dog body weight. Based on these dosage specifications, pet owners can increase or decrease the quantity of Pepto Bismol given to their dogs. This should be done once in 6 hours continuously for two days. At the end of two days, the pet owners should take their dogs to the local veterinarian and subject the dog to a thorough screening. This needs to be done irrespective of whether the pet dog gets complete cure or partial cure after administering Pepto Bismol for two days. The pet owner has to continuously monitor the waste released by the dog during the two days of treatment.

Known side effects
While administering Pepto Bismol, some dogs might develop some side effects. This can be compared to the side effects caused to human beings when they take some drugs as a cure for stomach problems. All the dogs that take Pepto Bismol will not show these side effects. Some pet owners have reported black stools released by their pet dogs as a side effect of consuming this medicine. Some dogs might also develop indigestion problems, which would automatically come back to normalcy in a day or two.

Another important fact to be aware of is the ineffectiveness of Pepto Bismol in dogs that are allergic to silicates. Some dogs might be less tolerant to silicates. It is better to avoid using Pepto Bismol with dogs with such conditions. Pepto Bismol should also be avoided when the dog is pregnant. For dogs with bleeding problems, it is better to consult the veterinarian regarding the dosage levels before starting the treatment. Usually the veterinarians advise for starting with low dosages of this medicine, when treating dogs with bleeding problems. Once the pet owner sees that their pet dog doesn’t exhibit any abnormal behavior on the first day of treatment, they can start increasing the dosage on the second day. When the dog starts to show stains of blood in their stools, the pet owner should immediately stop administering Pepto Bismol and consult their veterinarian.

Pet owners grooming cats should be cautious in using this medicine with stomach infected cats. This may cause adverse reactions in cats. There are alternative medicines available for curing cat stomach problems. As far as Pepto Bismol for dogs is concerned, it is perfectly safe to treat the dog with upset stomach.

Dog Care Tips And Tricks For New Dog Owners

puppy imageYou need to know certain things in order to properly care for your dog’s company. Continue on and read about some helpful tips and you can use when owning a dog.

It can cost a lot to own a dog. Emergency vet visits can cost a ton, so think carefully about getting pet health insurance.

Make sure your home is safe for your dog. It is important that you try to foresee any problems your dog in. Make sure all of the medicine is put up.Some houseplants are toxic and need to be kept out of your home.

Hugs are good, but avoid kisses. Dogs poke around trash cans, drink toilet water and lick other dog’s body parts. It saying that a dog has a cleaner months than a person. It simply is not necessarily true.

This communicates to your dog that the behavior he is doing just what you are looking for. It teaches your pup that they will receive attention if they behave as you want them to.

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Caring for a dog is a lot of work and you should not underestimate the responsibilities of being a dog owner. You need to be prepared before you jump into it. Read this guide for great dog care advice.

It’s very important to make sure that your home is safe for a dog. It is important that you try to foresee any dog wart removal problems your dog might run into prior to bringing him home. Do not have any pills out in the open and put all supplies in cabinets. Since some plants are very harmful because of their toxicity, it’s best to get rid of them or put them in an area that the dog cannot get to.

Since dogs cannot talk, you need to learn your dog’s cues. Avoid forcing your dog to interact with others if he doesn’t want to. This may lead to someone getting bitten. Look for non-verbal cues and follow what the dog is telling you.